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Black widow themed merchandise for my princess

She’s 22 now but she never hated superheroes. She’s a martial art expert now, she beat up bullies and is the best among my 3 kids. Always helping her brothers out regardless of the situation, I have always inspired her to be fearless, smart, caring, guiding, uncompromising and even unapologetic when needed. She has been reading Black Widow comics since she was 8. Thanks to Identity Direct Voucher Code, I’ve been able to gift her items themed on Marvel’s Black Widow and that has helped her wear up a more heroic character. Find out more promo codes, go to

I always have inspired my children to stand up for themselves and I remember during the 2005 Sydney riots how homes and cars were damaged. Fortunately for me, I managed to ward off the rioters and shot three of them. Since those days I moved up north with my husband and kids as well as teaching them self-defense and martial arts.

My daughter began training for Mixed Martial Arts (MMA), Judo, Wrestling and Boxing with her brothers as a form of self-defense. In her University, she managed to beat up three misogynist students who not only tried to attack her and her friends but also got beaten up, expelled and even jailed. She takes her inspiration from Black Widow, which is quite unusual as most girls look up to Wonder Woman, Super Girl and Spider-Girl as well as the She-Hulk.

I have been giving my children superhero merchandise for quite some time. My sons love the Black Panther and Iron Man whereas my daughter loved Black Widow. Through Identity Direct, I was able to gift her posters, towels, rugby balls and mugs featuring Black Widow. She not only themed her room accordingly but wears Black quite often.

On her 22nd Birthday in August, I gifted her a Black Widow themed cosmetic bag because such collectibles for adults are not only rare but worth keeping as well. She loved it and adores it to the core. She themed a similar storybook around Scarlett Witch and Black Widow which she gifted to our neighbor’s toddler daughter 2 months ago on her birthday.

I would like to extend my thanks to identity direct for not just customising items but also bringing smiles to everyone’s faces all around the year.


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